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Based in Taipei, we offer translation, interpretation, simultaneous interpretation equipment ( simultaneous interpretation system ) rental, and document notarization services all over Taiwan and abroad.



Based in Taipei and Established in 1986, the World Translation Service Inc. (WTSI) offers professional translation and simultaneous interpretation services. Over the years, we have become a successful translation brand known for our comprehensive businesses, including translation, simultaneous interpretation, simultaneous interpretation equipment rental, and document notarization services. We serve a myriad of clients at home and abroad, particularly in the fields of simultaneous interpretation and conference equipment rental.

We make consistent efforts to improve the quality of our services, continuously hone the skills of our team, and absorb talents of overseas returnees. Hundreds of professional translators as well as interpreters all over the world work together and provide high-quality service to our clients.

Handled by WTSI, Quality Guaranteed, which is a recognition and also our pride. We will do our best to fulfill our confidentiality obligations by vigorously protecting your projects and information learned by us during the process of services. At The World Translation Service, Inc., the interests of the customer are always fully ensured.

The World Translation Service, Inc.’s expanding range of customer options now includes the following professional services:

Translation/ Interpretation Languages
Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Dutch, and Arabian, etc.
Business, law, international patent applications, contracts, finance, IT, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, semiconductors, agriculture, chemistry, medicine, pharmacology, herbal/acupuncture therapy, academic dissertations, sociology, psychology, history, literature, philosophy and Buddhism.
Simultaneous Interpretation, Consecutive Interpretation and Escort Interpretation
Related Services
– Leasing of Digital and Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment
– Leasing of Digital and Infrared Receivers and Headphones sets
Document Notarization
Notarization of Notary Public, Consulate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Attorney-at-law for document of immigration, bid tenders, investments, diplomas, marriage, birth as well as legal forms.

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